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Welcome to the City of Chico Website

This site is dedicated to the business of government for the City of Chico, including Public Safety, Public Works, Parks, Business and Building Permits, City Council and other governing bodies. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the "Contact Us" form to submit a question.


New! Online Inspection Requests for Building permits is now available:

The Building Division is now accepting inspection requests online. Register for a free account with our online Permit Manager to request inspections, view inspection results, and more. Requests can be made up until 11:59 pm for the following business day (online only). To get started with Permit Manager, click here. For assistance, contact the Building Division at (530) 879-6700.


New! City of Chico Catalog of Enterprise Systems is now available:

On October 11, 2015, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 272 into a law as part of the California Public Records Act. This bill requires local agencies to publish a catalog of enterprise systems, which are defined as 1) systems that are used across multiple departments or that contain information collected about the public, and 2) are systems that serve as original source of data within an agency. Systems exempt from disclosure include (but are not limited to) systems that are related to: 911 dispatch and operation or emergency services, security systems, utilities infrastructure, and mechanical control systems. Click here to view the City of Chico Catalog of Enterprise Systems.


Caper Acres Renovation project fundraisers:

The Limited Edition Jake Early Caper Acres Kleen Kanteen is now available for purchase as well as other events happening this spring. Proceeds go directly to the Caper Acresrenovation project. For more information and details about the Caper Acres renovation project and how you can help, please visit Caper Acres Renovation.


2016 City Election in November:

On November 8, 2016, voters will determine who will fill four Councilmember seats currently up for election. The term of office for these positions is four years. For more information regarding this election, please click here.