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Chico Police Department

If you have an EMERGENCY call: 9 - 1 - 1

For in-progress incidents, call 9-1-1. For cold incidents (incidents that did not just occur and there is no immediate threat) where a weapon was used or you have suspect information, call (530) 895-4911.

For all other types of crime reporting, please use our online reporting system "COPLOGIC" to submit your report. Click here to start:

Oroville Spillway Information

Please follow this link: Butte County Sheriff-Coroner for information regarding the Oroville Spillway.

Business Update Survey

The Chico Police Department is in the process of building a new computer aided dispatch system that is due to "Go Live" in April, 2017. As part of the development, we would like to take the opportunity to update our local business "emergency call-out" information.

If you are a local business owner, please review the attached Business Survey form. If your business information has changed over the past few years, please complete the form with updated information that would allow police or fire contact during after hours.

Thank you!

CAD Business Update 2016

Message from the Chief of Police

Michael O'Brien

(Photo by Alain Tomatis Photography)

The Chico Police Department is a diverse organization comprised of over 140 full-time employees, with an additional 100 police volunteers, including Volunteers in Police Service, Explorers, Chaplains and Interns. It is the collective mission of the Chico Police Department to enhance and facilitate community safety.

We believe that trust and communication between a department and community are essential, and are built intentionally. As such, interaction with our entire community is a priority. This includes difficult conversations about controversial issues. The department recently adopted a new community policing emphasis and command structure to better serve the needs of the community, and enhance that interaction. This new command structure consists of a deputy chief, five lieutenants and two civilian managers, all under the office of the chief of police. Of the five lieutenants, three are assigned as watch commanders, with each given a geographic area of responsibility, classified as East, West and Central. This geographic responsibility provides the community with a department representative, or a "face to a place", to get to know and access when the need arises.

Our policing philosophy and re-structure are part of that greater commitment to trust and communicaiton. While Community Oriented Policing is our model, a Police (Public Safety) Oriented Community is our goal. There should never be division between a police department and the community that it serves. They are truly one in the same. While the department has both a statutory and moral responsibility for community safety, we know that a community that actively engages with its police department will be both safer and healthier. That is how I view our community and its engagement with us.

While we have and will face many challenges, we will do so collaboratively. I am genuinely excited about the future of this community because of this fact. As I stated when I was first appointed this position, I am humbled, honored and blessed to serve as your chief, and to lead your incredible law enforcement professionals.

Michael O’Brien

Chief of Police


Downtown Parking Meter Forgiveness during Holiday

In support of the Downtown Chico Business Association’s “Hometown Holiday Hospitality Campaign”, the City has authorized a special parking meter forgiveness program through the Holidays. Meter forgiveness covers these Fridays in 2016: November 18, December 2, 9, 16 and 23rd. In addition, the following upcoming dates are also meter holidays: Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving Day, December 24, December 25, and December 31,". The only aspect of parking violations that will not be ticketed on meter holidays are those that have expired meters, but are within the allotted maximum time of use for the parking stall occupied. All other parking enforcement will be continued.