Public Art Program


The purpose of the City of Chico Art in Public Places Program is to expand the public experience with the visual arts, to promote the artistic and cultural development of the community, and to encourage the active participation of all citizens in making art a valuable aspect of their daily lives. This Program represents a key supporting element for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the City’s Arts Master Plan.


A successful public art program, through a variety of approaches to site-specific art projects, seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Humanize the built environment through "place-making" symbols of civic pride and community identity, and through artistic statements that create a vibrant sense of place in public spaces.
  • Make art accessible to the community so that the public may expand its experience, awareness, sensitivity, enjoyment and understanding of art; that the lives of our citizens and visitors will be enhanced through interaction with public art.
  • Foster the concept of artists as "aesthetic decision-makers" to be recognized and actively utilized in the development and planning of the built and natural environment, and by encouraging collaborations between artists, urban planners, building and landscape architects, engineers and other designers.
  • Provide diverse and challenging employment opportunities for contemporary artists from all ethnic communities to ensure that a broad cultural heritage will be reflected in the community’s public art collection.