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Capital Project Services

"Providing Infrastructure and Services for the Citizens of Chico"

Capital Project Services is committed to providing infrastructure and service to protect the health and safety of the community by providing:

  • Responsive, professional, and courteous service.
  • Efficient and effective operations.
  • Well designed and constructed City facilities.

Capital Project Services is responsible for delivering capital improvement projects as directed by the City Council in the Capital Budget or as needs arise. Projects include roads, bridges, sewer, storm drains, airport projects, park projects, structures such as the Stansbury House, or wherever City capital infrastructure is scheduled for improvement. Capital Project Services provides design engineering for capital improvement projects as well as operations and maintenance projects.

The primary responsibility of Capital Project Services is to deliver facilities and infrastructure that meet the needs of the community and comply with the standards and requirements established in Engineering guidelines and the City’s master plans. The Department achieves its goals through planning, design, and construction of the City’s capital projects and infrastructure. Services provided by Capital Project Services include: