Campaign Disclosure Statements - All Form 460's are available for review in the City Clerk Office.

Filed by Candidates, Officeholders, and Committees

All open campaign committees and City Council candidates raising or expending $500 or more are required under the State's Political Reform Act to file campaign statements with the City Clerk within prescribed deadlines.

The City Clerk's Office will post copies of all current election campaign statements as soon as possible after receipt.  Addresses of individual contributors have been omitted as required under the Public Records Act for internet posting.  Please note that a prima facie review of the documents has not been done prior to posting, and amendments may be requested of the candidates or committees. 

Any amended documents, as well as all originals, are always available for public review in the office of the City Clerk, 411 Main Street, 3rd Floor.  Office hours are M-F, 8am-5pm.

Please click on the links below for current 2014 candidates and organizations. Once you reach the reports you would like to review, please note that all reports are bookmarked and can be accessed by right clicking your mouse and opening up the "Navigation Panel."

November 4, 2014



Current Committees:

Mark Sorensen

Sorensen - 2nd Pre Election Rpt.

Sorensen - 3rd Pre Election Rpt.

Sorensen - Semi Annual

Randall Stone - Election 2016

Stone - Semi Annual 12/31/14

Scott Gruendl

Gruendl - 2nd Pre Election Rpt.

Gruendl - 3rd Pre Election Rpt.

Gruendl - 410 Termination, 460 Semi Annual

Chico Firefighter's PAC

FIRE - 2nd Pre Election Rpt.

FIRE - 3rd Pre Election Rpt.

FIRE - Semi Annual 12/31/14

Andrew Coolidge

Coolidge - 2nd Pre Election Rpt.

3rd Pre Election Rpt.

Coolidge - Semi Annual

Chico Police Officers Association PAC

CPOA - Form 460's for 1st and 2nd Pre Election Statements and Semi Annual

CPOA - 3rd Pre Election Rpt.

CPOA - Semi Annual 12/31/14

Lupe Arim-Law

Arim-Law 2nd Pre Election Rpt.

Arim-Law 3rd Pre Election Rpt.

Arim-Law - Semi Annual

Chico Politics

Chico Politics - 2nd Pre Election

Chico Politics - 3rd Pre Election

Chico Politics - Semi Annual 12/31/14

Forough Maria Molina

Molina - 2nd Pre Election Rpt.

Molina - 3rd Pre Election Rpt.

Molina - Semi Annual

Chico Citizens for Accountable Government Forms 410, 496 and 497

Chico Citizens for Accountable Government - 2nd Pre Elections Rpt. and 495 Form

Chico Citizens - Filings on 10/29/14

Chico Citizens - Filings on 10/30/14

Chico Citizens - Filings on 10/31/14

Chico Citizens - Semi Annual

Chico Citizens - 465

Rodney Willis
(Does not have a committee)

Chico Democrats - Ind. Expenditure Reports - Filed 10/29/14

Reanette Fillmer

Fillmer - 2nd Pre Election Rpt.

Fillmer - 3rd Pre Election Rpt.

Fillmer 410 Termination

Fillmer - Semi Annual