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Welcome to the City of Chico Website

This site is dedicated to the business of government for the City of Chico, including Public Safety, Public Works, Parks,  Business and Building Permits, City Council and other governing bodies. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the "Contact Us" form to submit a question.


Annie B's annual Community Drive has begun:

The City of Chico has several programs, related groups, and departments that benefit from donations given through North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) and the annual Annie B fundraising drive. A few examples are Community Grant Program 2015 Grantees, Bidwell Park - Chico Parks Division, and North Valley Housing Trust. You can click any of these links to donate directly to a specific program. For general information, or the ability to donate to multiple programs, visit the NVCF website.


Esplanade Corridor Improvement Study public workshop scheduled:

The City of Chico Public Works Department/Traffic Engineering Division has commenced a study to review potential transportation and traffic safety improvements to the Esplanade between Memorial Way and 11th Avenue. The study will seek to address traffic safety and operational concerns, enhance the corridor with complete street features, provide more facilities and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians while keeping the integrity of the “Boulevard” design, community character, and still maintaining traffic flow. For more detailed information and a schedule please visit Esplanade Corridor Improvement Study.