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Bidwell Park Documents and Information

Adaptive Wet Weather Trail Management Plan (Revised 2013)

Link to Today's Precipitation Amount

Upper Park Road Report

Bidwell Park Plans

Dont Plant a Pest Brochure

Park Talk Trail Forum Pwrpt Presentation 12-01-10

Trail Forum Presentation-BPPC 10-26-09

Upper Bidwell Park Resource Inventory

2002 Survey for Special Status Botanical species

2003 Survey for Threatened and Endangered Botanical Species

One Mile Map

Lower Bidwell Park Map

Upper Park Map

Middle/Upper Park Roads Map

Bidwell Park Pulse! Newsletters:

Bidwell Park Pulse, Winter 2016 (Annual Report)

Bidwell Park Pulse, Winter 2015 ( Annual Report)

Bidwell Park Pulse, Summer 2014

Bidwell Park Pulse, Spring 2014

Bidwell Park Pulse, Winter 2014

Bidwell Park Pulse, Fall 2013

Bidwell Park Pulse, Summer 2013

Bidwell Park Pulse, Spring 2013

Bidwell Park Pulse, Winter 2013

Bidwell Park Pulse, Fall 2012

Bidwell Park Pulse, Summer 2012

Bidwell Park Pulse, Spring 2012

Bidwell Park Pulse, Winter 2012

Bidwell Park Pulse, Fall 2011

Bidwell Park Pulse, Summer 2011

Bidwell Park Pulse, Spring 2011

Bidwell Park Pulse, Winter 2011

Bidwell Park Pulse, Fall 2010

Bidwell Ranch - Council Meetings and Reports

8/2/ 11 Agenda Report

8/2/11 Council Meeting

10/2/09 Project Status

2/9/09 Projest Status

4/5/05 Future Use

3/29/05 Council Meeting

1/20/05 Rezone

1/18/05 Council Meeting

Caper Acres

Caper Acres Conceptual Plan

Caper Acres User Study (CSU, Chico 4-18-14)

City Plaza Master Plan

Master Plan - all sections

Cover Page

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Appendix A

Updated Master Plan 11-04

Effectiveness Monitoring in Adaptive Management:

Landscape Design Manual - LDM

Landscape Design Manual - LDM

LDM - Drought Tolerant Plant List

LS-1 15 Gal Tree Planting Detail

LS-1 Page 2

LS-2 Tree and Stamped Concrete

LS-3 Containerized Shrub

LS-4 Ground Cover Planting

LS-5 Header

LS-6 Header - Plan View

LS-7 Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer

LS-8 Remote Control Valve

LS-9 Remote Control Valve in Paving

LS-10 Quick Coupling Valve

LS-11Tru-Union Ball Valve

LS-12 Controller Enclosure with Fan

LS-13 Controller Service Pull Box

LS-14-1 Trenching Detail

LS-14-2 Trenching Detail Beneath Paving

LS-14-3 Under Vehicle Paving

LS-15 Typical Thrust Block

LS-16 Impact Riser with Swing Joint

LS-17 Sprinkler Bubbler Pop-Up

LS-18 Turf Impact Rotor with Swing Joint

LS-19 Subterranean Drip Spacing

LS-20 Dripline Subterranean Layout

LS-21 Dripline Line Flushing Valve

LS-22 Air Vacuum Relief Valve

LS-23 Dripline Layout For Trees

LS-24 Sight Distance Clearance

LS-25 Tree Pavement Layout in Medians

LS-26 Stamped Concrete Bullnose Mow Band

LS-27-1 Metered Electrical Service

LS-27-2 Notes

Lindo Channel (Sandy Gulch)

Lindo Channel/Sandy Gulch Encroachment Policy

Lindo Channel/Sandy Gulch Resource Inventory - Text

Vegetation Removal Permit


News Releases

Park Volunteer Orientation 2017

Storm Damages Areas of Lower Bidwell Park

Bidwell Park Schedule for Christmas Day

Prescribed Burn In Upper Bidwell Park

5 Mile Restroom is closed 8/29/16 thru mid-Septemberfor repairs and maintenance

Sycamore Pool Opening 2016

Upward Bound Work Day 2016

Upper Park Unveils New Fire Danger Signs 2016

Park Division Annual Report

Park Division 2016 Annual Report

Park Division 2015 Annual Report

Park Division 2014 Annual Report

Park Division 2013 Annual Report

Park Division 2012 Annual Report

Park Division 2011 Annual Report

    Park Greenway Documents

Chico Parks Nexus Study 2004

Park Maintenance Financial Analysis

Comanche Creek Greenway Improvement Project

Comanche Creek Management Plan 2012

Comanche Creek Map

Peregrine Point

Disc Golf plan-ORAI

Highway 32 Disc Golf Wetland Study

Operating Agreement (City of Chico/Outside Recreation Advocacy, Inc.

2011 Peregrine Point Botanical Survey

2012 Botanical Survey Results of the Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course

2012 Draft Year End Monitoring Report for the Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course

2012 Peregrine Point Disc Golf Oak Tree Assessment & Monitoring Report

2013 Peregrine Point Disc Golf Monitoring Report

Permits and Forms

Application for Picnic Sites That May Be Reserved

Special Use Permit (Research, Educational Workshops, Access, Field Trips)

Tree Planting/Removal/Alter or Disturb Public Trees

Vegetation Cutting Permit

Studies and Reports

Wetland delineation - draft

Compiled site literature

Site inventory - revised

Poster - Project overview


Project Summary

2/29/08 Prospectus

5/3/15 Table Land Use History

Sycamore Pool

Butte County Health Closure Policy

Water Division

Monitoring and Reporting Program

Monthly Summary Data (the following are means from each month reported to the State Water Quality Control Board, the Parks Department may have the data from individual samples)

Trail Maintenance Reports

Fall 06 Report

Fall 2007 Trail Report

Spring 06 Report

Spring 07 Report

Trails Manual

Bidwell Park Trails Manual

Bidwell Park Trails Manual Addendums

EDAW Revised Trails Manual 06

Urban Forest/Street Trees Division Documents

Approved Street Tree List

Chico Avenues Street Tree Walking Tour Map

Chico Tree Guide

How To Nurture a Tree

Status Of Chico Street Trees During Drought - Monitoring Analysis (Draft)

Tree Planting Right of Way Explanation

Tree Planting Standard Detail

Vegetation Management

Santos Fire Repair Plan

Current Work

List of Planned Tree Removals

2015 List of Planned Tree Removals

2016 Tree Planting List

2016 Neighborhood Tree Planting List

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