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Bidwell Park Master Management Plan

Vol 1-Draft EIR-April 2007:

Cover Page and Table of Contents
2 Existing Conditions Chapter 21-2323
2 Existing Conditions Chapter 2324-28
3 Park Vision
5 Plan Preparers
6 References

Exhibits: facilities lower faclities middle upper

2-3.1-1 soils-upper

2.3.2-1a plant community lower

2.3.2-1b plant community middle upper

2.3-2-2a cnddb middle

2.3.2-2b cnddb upper

2.3.3-1a upper cultural

2.3.3-1b upper cultural

2.3.3-1c upper cultural

2.4.3-1a circulation lower

2.4.3-1b circulation middle

2.4.3-1c circulation upper


Appendix A -Annie Bidwell Deed
Appendix B-Visitor Commuter Survey
Appendix C-NRMP
Appendix D-CRMP Outline
Appendix E-Trails Plan
Appendix F-Horseshoe Lake Concept Plan
Appendix G-Cedar Grove Concept Plan
Appendix H-Disc Golf Trailhead Plan
Appendix I-Regulatory Framework
Appendix J-General Plan Policies and Relevant MuniCode
Appendix K-Cultural Resources
Appendix L-Design Standards
Appendix M-Bench Policy
Appendix N-Future BPPC Guidance

Vol 2-Draft EIR-April 2007: