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Monday - Friday

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Community Development Department - Planning Division

411 Main Street, 2nd Floor

P.O. Box 3420

Chico, CA 95927

Phone: (530) 879-6800



Updated Planning Fee Schedule

Effective August 4, 2019

See "Fees & Forms"

Final Land Absorption Study

The Land Absorption Study provides insight into Chico’s residential and commercial land use demand and supply, issues affecting affordability, and impediments to opening up land to accommodate growth. To review the study, click on this link: Final Land Absorption Study.

Chico 2030 General Plan

5-Year General Plan Review

The Five-Year General Plan Review assesses growth trends and analyzes the effectiveness of the General Plan’s policy framework through the first five years of Plan implementation. It assesses land availability, forecasts opportunities and challenges in the upcoming five years, and summarizes major City planning efforts. In addition, the Review reports on the status of all implementing Actions contained in the Plan and proposes General Plan text amendments, as well as amendments to land use designations and zoning of various properties.


Can I build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on my property?

Property owners in the R1 (Low Density Residential) and R2 (Medium Density Residential) zoning districts may apply for an Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit. Accessory dwelling units, also referred to as "Granny" or "Secondary" Units, are limited in size based on the square footage of the existing structure. Accessory dwelling units must meet the requirements of Chico Municipal Code Section 19.76.130. In addition, the City’s Building Division should be contacted at (530) 879-6700 for information regarding building and impact fees associated with an accessory dwelling unit. See ADU FAQs for additional information. For further assistance, contact the Community Development Department Planning Division at (530) 879-6800.

Community Development Department - Planning Division

The Planning Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for both current and long range administration of State, regional, and local land use laws. Current planning involves the review of development applications for conformance with City plans, ordinances and policies related to zoning, urban design, subdivision, and the California Environmental Quality Act. Processing of development applications also includes the consideration of public input at Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator, Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board, and City Council meetings. Long range planning involves the City’s policy planning activities, which include analyzing and preparing various planning documents such as the City’s General Plan, specific plans, Design Guidelines, and other land use studies. Community Development staff also assemble and maintain community data and demographics and coordinate the reporting of this data to outside agencies.

The services and responsibilities of the Planning Division are guided by several government codes, regulations, statutes and other procedural documents, including, but not limited to:

Staff provides assistance to community stakeholders, such as residents and business owners, in order to foster a broader understanding of planning. The following links may help you with your project:

Finally, the Community Development Department Planning Division serves as staff to the City Council on land use issues and to the following regular commission and committees:

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission prepares and recommends for adoption by the Council a comprehensive, long-term general plan. The Commission also makes recommendations to Council on General Plan amendments, rezones, and adoption of neighborhood and specific plans; considers environmental impact reports and negative declarations; reviews special studies and reports; and approves tentative subdivision maps, planned development permit applications, use permits, and other land use entitlements. The Commission currently meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 421 Main Street. To review agendas and/or meeting minutes, click on this link: PC Minutes and Agendas.

Planning Commission Members

  • Lupita Arim-Law
  • Dennis Deromedi
  • Bryce Goldstein, Vice Chair
  • John Howlett
  • Richard Ober
  • Ken Rensink, Chair
  • Toni Scott

Staff Liaison

Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board

In addition to its authority established by Chapter 19.18 of the Chico Municipal Code for the review of architectural drawings prior to the issuance of certain building permits, the Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board (ARHPB) reviews building proposals that may affect buildings or other resources listed on the City of Chico Historic Resources Inventory, including making recommendations to the City Council for new listings. The ARHPB consists of five regular members, three of whom are engaged in the visual arts field, such as architects, landscape architects, artists, and/or designers, and at least two of whom have professional experience in architectural history, planning, archaeology, or other historic preservation-related disciplines. The ARHPB currently meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber Building, Conference Room 1, 421 Main Street. To review agendas and/or meeting minutes, click on this link: ARHPB Minutes & Agendas.

Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board Members

  • Georgie Bellin, Chair
  • Dale Bennett, Vice Chair
  • Rod Jennings
  • Lindsay Poulin
  • Thomas Thomson

Staff Liaison

Zoning Administrator

The Zoning Administrator is an employee designated by the Community Development Director to conduct public hearings and approve or deny smaller project applications for minor design review, use permits, variances, and temporary use permits. Zoning Administrator hearings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Engineering Conference Room on the second floor of the Chico Municipal Building at 411 Main Street. Click on the following link to view the current agenda: ZA Agendas.

Staff Liaison

Map Advisory Committee

The Map Advisory Committee (MAC) acts on all minor land divisions, boundary line modifications, mergers, minor changes and/or time extensions to previously approved subdivisions, and all tentative maps which convert existing buildings into condominium projects. Click on this link for more information: Map Advisory Committee.

Staff Liaison