Cannabis Information

Cannabis Information

Check back soon for updates and availability of applications and identification of permit fees.


All commercial cannabis uses are presently unlawful in Chico and are not allowed unless you’ve obtained a permit from the State of California and the City of Chico. The ordinances are not yet in effect.

The following is for general information only.  See text of proposed ordinances and resolution for full understanding of what is being proposed and additional requirements.  Each Commercial Cannabis use has specific conditions and requirements, including limitations on where such uses can be located. 


California Licensing and Regulation

Following the passage of Proposition 64, the State of California established an extensive body of regulations for commercial cannabis activity in the state.


Adoption Process

The ordinances are not yet in effect. Do not open a Commercial Cannabis business until you have the proper permits issued by the State of California and the City of Chico. 

Currently, ordinances have only been introduced and will require a second reading before becoming effective 30 days thereafter.  The application process was approved by the City Council through the ordinance establishing Title 5.42 and resolution establishing 5R.42.  


Types of Businesses

  • Types of Businesses ALLOWED: The following Commercial Cannabis uses will be allowed, but only in certain zoning districts in Chico: Testing Laboratory, Distributor, Manufacturer, Retailer-Delivery Only, and Retailer-Storefront.
  • Types of Businesses NOT ALLOWED: The following Commercial Cannabis uses will NOT be allowed anywhere in Chico: Cultivation and Microbusinesses.

Permit Information

Permits Required: 

All Commercial Cannabis uses require 1) a Commercial Cannabis business permit issued by the City of Chico, and 2) a cannabis permit issued by the State of California.  All uses also require a zoning clearance from the City of Chico’s Planning Division. Do not open a Commercial Cannabis business in Chico until you have obtained these permits and clearances.   

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